Having a spectacular evening is not only because of the food but is also because of the ambiance, thanks to solo musicians for hire. Kenny Cunningham will make it a night that your guests will never forget.
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~Will travel on request!

If you are in need of musical services, it can be hard to find just the right musician to work with you. Fortunately for music lovers everywhere, Kenny Cunningham, renowned musician is available for clients who want to add that special musical touch.

Kenny Cunningham offers his customers a unique acoustic style that can be all yours. Mr. Cunningham is available to provide high quality sound for any type of event you have in mind. His musical styling is ideal for many different types of events including wedding parties, corporate events, summer parties, barbeques, formal dinners and even for use in background music in restaurants.

Kenny Cunningham has an elegant and well known acoustic style that draws on many types of musical styles to create a unique sound of his own. His acoustic style is combined with his extensive knowledge of many types of music including classic rock and folk music. Many established musicians have hired Kenny over the years because of his elegant style and understanding of musical principles. Kenny also draws on his English - Liverpool background to provide enchanting sound for those who love classic English and Irish music as well as age old folk music from these regions. If you love music of all types, Kenny Cunningham can provide it for you.

Kenny Cunningham understands his customers value flexibility. He is sensitive to the needs of his customers and their need for value. He always takes into consideration whether he is being asked to entertain at a private house event or a larger corporate event. Consequently, he works with his customers to find the right musical package for their needs and budget. Customers understand that he is most in demand on weekends and holidays. As a result, many with a limited budget choose to work with him during less busy time frames. Cunningham is most flexible when being booked for weekday events. He will often lower standard pricing and provide weekday customers with a discount on his services.

Kenny Cunningham is willing to work with his customers to meet their needs. He is more than willing to travel to you even if you or the venue where you intend to book his services is outside his standard radius. Mr. Cunningham also loves to work his clients to provide them with specialized musical services that can be a true highlight of any party. He will be very happy to learn a client's special song or even a collection of songs if given time and advanced notice.

Kenny Cunningham has a long history of satisfied customers. Prior customers have repeatedly come back to him. Many comment that having his services in their home is like having their own personal rock star at their party. Contact him today for all your musical needs. He will work with you to provide just the right music for your party or other event. Make your guests happy. Impress your best clients. Show your love of classic music, rock music and all types of folk music. Hire Kenny Cunningham today. Create a rock concert in your very own home or place of business.

If you need an acoustic guitar player for a wedding, you do not need to hire a group because a one-man band will be enough if you hire Kenny Cunningham to perform. He has the ability to enthrall a group of people with his unique and mellow voice. Kenny does not only sing but he will also interact with the audience and make sure that they enjoy their time at the event. 
He is not a primadonna. He works with the organizers with regard to his list of songs. This is because he makes sure that no one performance is the same. He makes sure that all of his shows are unique. He also wants his performance to specifically adapt to the needs of his clients. This solo singer-guitarist wants his audience to feel the passion that he has for music. At the same time, Kenny wants to make sure that the audience, including those that hire him, will have a wonderful night and consider the event something worth remembering.